Does Cialis help reduce prostate size?

6, 2011 – Cialis has been accredited by the FDA for the treatment of enlarged prostate find out. It might be also used for treatment of males who have both enlarged prostate and erectile dysfunction (ED) at the same time. Cialis is the first ED drug to be approved for treating benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).

Does Cialis increase eye pressure?

One of the studies reported that sildenafil increased the IOP of 2 males more mature than seventy years of age. The increase in pressure required surgery or even treatment. Reports of the impact of the lasting vasodilators also indicate no significant effect on IOP.

Why does Cialis stop working?

Side effects of prostate cancer treatment such as surgery and radiation therapy and low testosterone are offending causes. But the main reason why the medications do not work is the lack of sufficient blood flow to the penis no matter what the cause.